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At Open Intelligence we are here to help you navigate a post-conventional world. We can develop ideas and campaigns tailored to your needs, combining fresh perspectives at the intersection of technology, politics, security and culture. As a full service agency, we have the skills and experience to provide you with a comprehensive package, manage focused individual projects and provide solutions to the challenges you face.

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Future Scoping

Knowledge to help you thrive in difficult times and secure your future


Plugging you in to existing networks or building new ones


Fighting your corner and making sure your interests are protected


Getting your ideas to the right people, in every channel

Current Thinking

Open Intelligence can provide your organisation with a full range of future scoping, development and communications services to meet your requirements.


We can help you marshall the arguments you need to cut through the relentless noise of contemporary events. With us in your corner, you can react more effectively to change, reach a wider audience and have a greater impact with the people you need to reach. We will ensure that you punch above your weight.

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